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On this website I offer a variety of music for projects like games, videos, e-books and all kinds of other projects that need music.

Terms like 'Royalty Free Music' can be interpreted differently depending on who you ask.

For me it means:

  • No additional royalty payments for using my music. (Free of royalties)
  • In some circles it means "Creative Commons Music" But on my website it includes both my Premium and Creative Commons music on my Royalty Free Music page.

Premium License:
This is my paid music, accessible through a one-time payment or Patreon subscription.

Key advantages of the Premium license include:

    • No credit required.
    • High-quality .Wav and ogg files.
    • Customized PDF license.
    • Loopable versions and stems (if available).
    • Lifetime storage in your account.

CC (Free), Creative Commons License:

This music is free to download but requires giving credit.
Use the filter "Creative Commons" on the Royalty Free Music page to see all my Creative Commons music.

How to give credit:
"SONG NAME" by Tim Beek (

The bolded part should be the name of the track you are using! More information about the Creative Commons license:

What if you don't want to give credit?
You have the option to purchase a Premium license for a Creative Commons song to enjoy all the premium license benefits. (See "Premium License" above)

You can subscribe to get access to my music.
Currently, it's only possible to subscribe on Patreon.
You need a minimum of $5 or more per month to get access to my Premium music.

Patreon supporters can login using the Patreon Login at the top right.
You are able to download my music freely once you have got a paying account and are logged in.

A seamless loop in audio and game music refers to a track that can be repeated continuously without any noticeable break or interruption. When the loop reaches its end and starts over, the transition is seamless, creating a continuous and uninterrupted listening experience. This is why some of my music is cut off at the end of it, because it loops back to the start.

Contact Me

If you still have questions about my music or anything else, please contact me. I'm here to help!