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Simply use my Royalty Free Music and then credit this website. That's it!

TimBeek discord server

I have a discord server! Yes, it’s empty at the moment. Will you join?

Click here to join the Discord server.

It’s going to be about media, music for video,  soundtracks, game music and music in general. I will post previews of upcoming projects in there and talk about what I should create next.

Maybe some polls on what to create next. If you are a creator and want to get involved, feel free to join and maybe we can create an interesting community!

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I made music for a game: Shard Seekers

Shard Seekers is a Roblox game. A game about seeking shards.
Did you know that you can become a Bear?! Yes I find myself playing this game every now and then myself. You can make a character and walk around. Talk to some people. Collect the shards and with them you can get all kinds of pets or become a pet. I have been making music for this game for a while now. Orchestral ambient RPG kind of music. The game often gets updated and new music is still being added.

My ingame name is skaven1 (I’m a bird)

I really like the game! Give it a shot, it’s free to play. You can find the game Here.


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[Royalty Free Music] Ok thats it im joining the Circus

I have now uploaded most songs back to the site. A few are still missing. I will get to those eventually. I also added a donate button back.
You can now buy me a coffee. Leave a message if you want!

This next song is royalty free.. and polka. Quite silly. I was thinking of calling it “Circus Beat”. Then I though to myself, listening to this song makes me want to join the circus. Sooo yeah the title was born!

Ok thats it im joining the Circus


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[Premium Music] Shopping for Diamonds

Lot’s has been going on behind the scenes!
Here is my latest release:

Shopping for Diamonds

An upbeat orchestral piece. Cheerful, a bit dreamy but quite elegant! It should fit spring nicely.. even though it’s raining all the time here.
Hope you like the new audio player!

For those who missed it, I have rebuild the royalty-free music page. I have now added 40 of the old tracks back. So the rest will soon follow and all music should be back soon.

And that being said, I am also working on new royalty free music. Also releasing that in the coming days! Cheers!

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Website under construction

Hey guys!
The website is going to be worked on the next coming days. This means that it’s not going to function very well. Sorry about that. I already managed to destroy the royalty free music page. Woops! Sorry about that. I’m a total noob when it comes to coding and websites. But I will get it fixed in the end!

I decided to recreate the royalty free page. With a bigger audioplayer and better filters for genre and feels.
It does mean that I will have to re-add all the music. I will do this over the next coming days!

I’m uploading 1 entire genre every day so things so be back to normal within a week.

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[Royalty Free Song] – Dreamy and the Cuties

Got a new royalty free song for the you cuties out there. I wanted something a bit minimalistic with a sweet sound.

Dreamy and the Cuties


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[AudioJungle] 3 new tracks

I added 3 new AudioJungle tracks:

Rise of the Violin
My attempt at inspiration music. The violin was tricky to program! But I really like how it worked out. I found that a violin playing like that would ask a lot of attention for the listener so i also included a no-violin version. That version would be less distracting depending what you are going for.

I also added a short version and a short version without the violin.

Mysterious Jungle Ambient
A jungle atmosphere using bamboo instruments, flutes and voices. A low Didgeridoo is constantly playing.

Suspensful Piano Mysterious
Very mysterious and suspenseful, like you are losing all hope. Maybe there is hope, but it’s far away. The strings and piano-effects accompany a hesitant piano melody.


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Space Adventure

New game music for Space Games.
Download this Track here.

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Music update and upcoming content

Hey all!

Here is a short explanation of why there not been much Royalty Free Music for the last 1/2 years. It’s not very complicated! I have been focusing on custom music and have also been uploading more Stock Music.
Stock Music is where you pay a small fee to buy a license to use the music. Working through some of the Stock Music websites out there has been way more rewarding then Royalty Free Music. (But keep in mind that the credit you give for my Royalty Free Music still helps me out a lot!!) I still very much like the idea of Royalty Free Music and the music that I have posted will stay.
However, it has become more and more difficult to spend my time composing Royalty Free Music because of the low earning it gives. There have been donations and I am of course thankful for the support that I have got throughout the years.
The one thing that has been bothering me is that there has not been any flow of uploading in the last 2 years. (In terms of my YouTube and social media). I have got a lot of exciting idea’s for new music. So stay tuned!

I am syncing everything at the moment, meaning that all uploads will be reflected on my YouTube channels and social media.

So with that being said, yes there will be uploads again but it will almost all be stock music. This is why I’m giving a heads up. If you are curious what I will create, subscribe to my new YouTube channels depending on what your interests are. (SEE LINKS BELOW) Sometimes you need to make changes in the way you do business. I can understand if some people dislike the idea of a paywall.
I don’t want to get too much into my thoughts of Royalty Free Music. All I will say is that I think both Royalty Free Music and Stock Music have their place in the market.

Keep in mind that all Royalty Free Music that I have made still needs credit. I am very thankful to all the people who have given me credit using my work! It helps me so much!

StockMusic links:
AudioJungle: Cinematic soundtracks/General work (The best for Video)
OR if you like pond5
Cinematic soundtracks/General work (The best for Video)
Video Game loops
Music for kids

Each style has their own YouTube channel:
Youtube Channel Cinematic soundtracks/General work (The best for Video)
Youtube Channel Video Game loops
Youtube Channel Music for kids

So in case you want to stay updated choose whichever YouTube channel fits your projects more. I will also update this website every time I release a new song.

Have a nice day y’all!

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Happy Candy Christmas [Stock Music]

Download this Track Here

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