Royalty Free Music

  • What is Royalty Free Music?

    Royalty Free Music is music that can be used in media projects under a Creative Commons License. This means that you can use it without paying if you credit the song and my website.

  • Can I use your Royalty free music for...?

    The use of tracks under the "Royalty Free Music" section of my website is allowed, provided that you give me credit for the used tracks. This includes:

    • Youtube videos
    • Using my music on streaing services, such as Twitch
    • Live productions
    • In your store
    • As placeholder or "on-hold" music
    • Personal use
    • School or study related

    If you are uncertain if the use, you can always contact me. But usually if you mention me in the credits, it's no problem.

  • How do I place a credit for this music in my project?

    You can find the credits to be posted along with each track on the page where you find it. The format is always like this:

    [TITLE HERE] Tim Beek (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

    The bolded part should be the name of the track you are using!

  • Do I have to put the credit where people can see it?

    Yes. Credits change from media to media – but in general a credit needs to be placed such that a person who wants to know where the music came from should have no difficulty in finding it. A reasonable effort may be expended (e.g. clicking on a credits option) but the credit should not be obscured.


    Some common examples…
    Videos YouTube and Vimeo credits can be placed in the video description or in the video itself.
    Streaming On your profile page, add a “Music” section to place the credits.
    Video Games Most commonly, credits are placed on a “Credits” screen found in the settings menu.
    Live Production Credits should be placed in the program for the production. If no program exists, a voice announcement can be made.
    Films Credits should be placed in the credits portion of the film, either before or after the main film section.
    Podcast/Audio Production Credits should be voiced – usually at the end of the production.
    TV/Radio Ads It is more common to purchase a “Standard License“, but credits may be shown visually in the production, or done as a voice-over in audio-only media.
    Music on Hold It is more common to purchase a “Phone System License“, but it is possible to record a voice-over for each piece of music used.
    Background Music It is more common to purchase a “Retail Location License“, but credits may be posted in a public area of the retail space.
  • What if I cannot credit you?

    If you are interested in using a piece in a television broadcast or radio commercial, or some other format where credits are impossible, obtain a "No Credit License". Click on the download button of the song and then click the No Credit License tab.

Premium Music

  • What is Premium Music?

    Premium music is my paid music. This music has a lot of advantages.

    • Delivered in high quality wav. 44.khz 16 bit
    • Loopable versions (Not all tracks are loopable)

    There are 2 ways to get access to my Premium Music:

    • Buying a one time Premium License which gives you access to the download.
    • Pledge $5 or more on my Patreon




  • How Copyright Law Applies to This Site and You

    Copyright Origin and Rights

    Every piece of music on this site is Copyrighted.

    Every time a piece of music is recorded, it immediately becomes Copyrighted due to the “Auteurswet” (Translated: Copyright law of the Netherlands).

    The Copyright law of the Netherlands grants the copyright holder many exclusive rights, including the right to sell, perform, display, and create new works based on the work.

    Once I record a piece of music, I am the only person with those rights.

    Giving up Some Rights (Creative Commons)

    I choose to give away many of those rights, with some stipulations.
    This is covered under the Creative Commons: By Attribution license.

    By using this license:
    • I give up the right to collect royalties.
    • I allow public performances.
    • I allow the music to be used in movies and video games, and any other media.
      and many other things.

    But there are still rules you need to follow to use the music – they are just different from the standard copyright rules. 
    Under standard copyright, you can perform any music, but you must pay for it. 
    Under Creative Commons, you can perform my music, but you must credit me.

    You can sell a movie with my music in it, if you credit me.
    You can not sell the rights to use my music to someone else.


    Another Kind of License (No Attribution)

    There is a hole between these licenses; if you wish to use a piece of my music but do not credit me.

    This most often happens in short radio and tv productions, but can be in any medium.

    I offer a license where you can still use my music with worldwide distribution, not crediting me, and also not paying royalties.

Everything Else

  • Do you know of any other places I can get good music?

    Yes. Try..

    Kevin Macleod - Pretty much the main guy of Royalty Free Music!