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One license for all uploaded music on

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Commercial Use

Use the music in your commercial projects and sell your products without any restrictions. This includes using the music in your videogames, videos, podcasts, and other creative projects.
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No Attribution

Under the Premium License, attribution for the music is not necessary. You are not required to credit Tim Beek or the song name in any of your future projects that use these songs.
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Lifetime Valid

All music downloads are lifetime valid, always accessible in your account, and can be used in any future projects.
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Edits Allowed

You are allowed to edit the music to suit your End Product. Turn the volume down, make transitions, strech, cut, add a speaker etc.
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Custom PDF License Download

When you make a single-song purchase, you'll receive a personalized PDF license available for download.
The license will also be securely stored in your account.
What is not allowed?

Not allowed

  • No reselling of the music itself, whether as a standalone product or bundled with others, even for free.

  • Prohibited from claiming ownership of the music, including through content identification systems.

  • Singing to, remixing, and selling the music as one's own is not permitted.

  • The Music can only be used for legal purposes.

AI Training Useage

The music under the Premium Licnese is strictly prohibited from being used for the training of artificial intelligence (AI) models.
The music file, in its entirety, shall not be incorporated into any AI training software.
Employing the music file for AI training involves producing a modified version of the music, which is then provided as a downloadable option. It is explicitly stated that this license does not confer the full copyrights necessary for such AI training purposes.
Any attempt to use the music file for AI training or inclusion in AI training software is strictly prohibited under this license.
The Licensor reserves the right to take appropriate legal action in the event of a breach of this AI training restriction.

In-Game AI Usage Clause:
The Licensee may use the licensed music within a video game,
including in an artificial intelligence (AI) system,
without offering the music as a separate download.
Altered versions of the music are permitted within the game but must not be distributed independently.