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Chill Spy

This spy theme with a blues-jazz vibe has a steady beat and loops Seamless

Check it out:
Chill Spy

Tim Beek - 21 September 2021

I'm now on Spotify and Apple Music!

I have been slowly adding my music to Spotify and other streaming services. You will find different project there like soundtracks for games I made.

You can now listen to my music on Spotify

I'm also on Apple Music

Tim Beek - 17 August 2021

Forest of Harmony

I'm working on a "medieval calmness" music pack. Relaxing music using medieval instruments.
There won't be any serious tones in this pack.
It will go more towards peacefulness / relaxation / positivity and somewhat casual. 

I hope to always create music that is useful in projects.
So here I just image medieval themed projects that need relaxing / positive background music.

This is only the first song of the pack and I will be releasing more of them soon.

Forest of Harmony

This song on YouTube

Tim Beek - 26 June 2021

Shard Seekers Soundtrack Volume 2

In case some of you don't know. I've made some music for Shard Seekers in the past.
Here are 4 of the latest songs.

Sometimes I create music exclusively for projects.
This means it won't end up as downloadable.
But you will be able to listen to it! Either on YouTube or on Spotify

Tim Beek - 12 June 2021

The Cultist

This dark track was made with an "acoustic" sound in mind. But still with some cinematic elements. The wav file that you can download loops seamless.

Check it out Here.

Or On Patreon

I also uploaded a video on Youtube:

Tim Beek - 11 March 2021