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Blues Fusion

Sometimes I need to make blues songs for a project but with a videogame vibe.
I've made a few versions of this idea.

This is a compact loopable version.

Blues Fusion - Check it out here

Tim Beek - 21 September 2023

Haunted Memories

New track! It's suspenseful. A bit dreamy, but eerie.
It was inspired by a 90s videogame.

Haunted Memories - Check it out Here.
Haunted Memories Loop - There is also a loopable version Here.

Tim Beek - 10 September 2023

Mellow & Alternative Drunken Sailor

Thanks for stopping by.

I uploaded 2 different versions of Drunken Sailor.

Mellow Voyage -  A more toned down version of Drunken Sailor. (But not super mellow) It loops. Download Here.

Alternative Voyage - This song  sounds a lot like the original I made.
It's slightly different but the main feature is that it's made with building blocks.
It has an Intro, Loop and Outro version. They all seamlessly connect.

Tim Beek - 30 August 2023

Cyber Warfare

Sometimes you need some music to shoot some aliens!

Cyber Warfare

Tim Beek - 5 August 2023

Howitts Played

New release!

I made this one for a podcast. It combines a "science" sound with "RPG". Definitely inspired by the how its made theme :)

Howitts Played - Main version

Howitts Played Short - The short version

Tim Beek - 29 July 2023