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Goofy Gadget

This next track is very Retro, Midi and a bit Goofy.
Inspired by quite a famous game :)

Goofy Gadget

Tim Beek - 18 May 2023

Groove City

A groovy and bluesy track with a steady beat. This track has been improved with added solos and some other parts.

Groove City

Tim Beek - 16 May 2023

Hopeful Conquest


My blog is working again! 

I'm working on a victory / game-over themed music pack.

This next track has a sense of adventure and fantasy, with a heroic melody.
It reminds me of finishing a quest or something you hear after winning a battle.
This piece has a happy and optimistic tone, while also capturing a sense of triumph and accomplishment.

Hopeful Conquest - This is the non-loopable version that has a super short intro and final outro note.
Hopeful Conquest Loop - This is the loopable version. It does start more sudden but loops seamless.
Hopeful Conquest Short - A version short version only 4 seconds long

Tim Beek - 9 May 2023

Website update

We did some under-the-hood updates.
The website will run faster now. We had to update the way music was played.

If you have any issues with music playing do Ctrl + F5 to refresh the website. (This will do a hard refresh for just this website.)


Tim Beek - 2 May 2023

Chill Spy

This spy theme with a blues-jazz vibe has a steady beat and loops Seamless

Check it out:
Chill Spy

Tim Beek - 21 September 2021