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[Royalty Free Music] The Basement

Hi all!

Hope you are having a great day!
"The Basement" is a creepy horror song with a steady drum. A drone will start to play halfway through.

Download it here.

Listen on Youtube:

Tim Beek - 13 December 2019

Free Casual SoundFX pack for Games

Hello how is everyone?
Are you guys getting ready for the holidays?

I sure am! I will be able to update the website because the person that helps me with this website will have time again!
So, updates to the site are coming soon!

In other news:
I released a free SoundFX package for games!

It's 22 audio files.

Great for casual or arcade games.

Download it here:

What it sounds like:

Tim Beek - 12 December 2019

14 new tracks added to my Royalty Free Music! Mostly short audio tracks and experimental tracks.

Go to My Royalty Free Page and scroll the the bottom. New tracks appear at the bottom. (which will be fixed soon)


Tim Beek - 10 December 2019

New Update + Space Boss Battle

Hi all!

I'm going to release my music in a new way.
However, I will still keep releasing Royalty Free Music.

Some people have asked me to explain my Patreon and how it works.
My Patreon is going to be focused on music for Videogames (But also very useful for Video I would say!)

I decided to start releasing Music Packs as Game Assets. Available now in my new Store.
I'm going to be releasing these Music Packs with different themes in mind. (Space, Jungle, Battle ect)
Royalty free music is often released in MP3. These music packs are in wav and loop seamless. (Ogg soon to be added)
I will also be adding alternate versions to these packs. (No melody or ambient versions for example)

By becoming a Patron($5 or more) you will get access to all my current Music Packs and all future releases.
On top of that, I will release any finished music on Patreon before releasing a music pack.

Supporters $1 or more:
No need to credit my Royalty Free Music

Supporters $5 or more:
You will get access to all my Music Packs in my Store

How to get the the music?
You can download it directly on Patreon
OR go to a Music Pack in my Store and click on the PATREON ACCESS link.

This Patreon Access link only works for people who support me on Patreon. ($5 or more)
This means you can grab a pack as a supporter instantly. Also when I release a new pack

For those not interested in Patreon can also buy the music packs directly.

Video's of the music in these packs will start to appear on YouTube:

Thanks and have a nice day!


Tim Beek - 9 December 2019

Shopping for Diamonds

New royalty free song

Download it here

On youtube:

Tim Beek - 30 November 2019