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Forest of Harmony

I'm working on a "medieval calmness" music pack. Relaxing music using medieval instruments.
There won't be any serious tones in this pack.
It will go more towards peacefulness / relaxation / positivity and somewhat casual. 

I hope to always create music that is useful in projects.
So here I just image medieval themed projects that need relaxing / positive background music.

This is only the first song of the pack and I will be releasing more of them soon.

Forest of Harmony

This song on YouTube

Tim Beek - 26 June 2021

Shard Seekers Soundtrack Volume 2

In case some of you don't know. I've made some music for Shard Seekers in the past.
Here are 4 of the latest songs.

Sometimes I create music exclusively for projects.
This means it won't end up as downloadable.
But you will be able to listen to it! Either on YouTube or on Spotify

Tim Beek - 12 June 2021

The Cultist

This dark track was made with an "acoustic" sound in mind. But still with some cinematic elements. The wav file that you can download loops seamless.

Check it out Here.

Or On Patreon

I also uploaded a video on Youtube:

Tim Beek - 11 March 2021

Happy new Year!

Hi all!
🎈Happy 2021 from Tim Beek! 🎈

Let's make this a great year full of creativity!  

I think we are all aware that 2020 has been pretty chaotic.
I hope that everyone is staying healthy!

With that being said let's start 2021 with a more positive song:

Across the Grey - A soft piano song that builds up with an orchestral sound. This was originally designed for a Twitch Stream. (The intro part of a stream. You know with the countdown)

What I have been doing most of 2020 is hang out at my Fiverr Gigs doing lots of custom music!
Feel free to contact me on fiverr if you need any custom music for your project.

And of course I've been building my music library. More music coming up!

A big thank you to my supporters on Patreon!

"Cosmic Crit" 


Tim Beek - 10 January 2021

Royalty Free Summer Music Update

Hi all!

It's been a while since I uploaded any new royalty free music.
This is because a few years ago I switched from Royalty Free music to Stock music. 
One big reason was that stock music was earning me quite a lot more then royalty free music.
However I also still sell no credits licenses sometimes and I'm happy that people are still interested in supporting the royalty free music.

Another big reason for uploading less royalty free music is that people have been showing interest in the Patreon.
For me this is really important because it helps so much with creating a more stable income.
(Which is a huge challenge for a composer)
My Patreon needs content to make it interesting and I have big plans for it ;)

But this following update will have some Royalty Free Music! Cheers!

I would like to thank all my supporters! All the people giving me credit, buying my music and my Patreon Supporters.
Thank you! Have a great summer!


  • 8Bit Adventure - 8Bit adventure intro
  • 8Bit Platformer - 8Bit track inspired by 8bit Platformer games
  • Chill Step - A light chill step song
  • Crystal Flakes - A soft synth/8bit piece that sounds a bit dreamy
  • Dark Movement - An orchestral piece with a dark undertone
  • Frozen Bubble - An orchestral fantasy piece
  • LandingPage - A light beat track. Also sounds kind of cute and dreamy. It was made for a landing page. Just so you know why it's called landing page ;)
  • Life on a Stick - This soft piano orchestral piece was made for a game but didn't make it. The soft tones could serve as an intro or as a background track
  • Little Ambient - A dreamy electronic track with a soft sound
  • Little Piano - A dreamy solo piano piece
  • Patriotic Alien - A song from another planet. Might be weird. Yes. Most likely about an Alien.
  • Robo Baby - A re-upload! This track was made long ago and I decided to post it again as royalty free music
  • Simple Life - An orchestral flute song
  • Unicorn - A cute electronic song
  • Tikking Tak - Made for a game but didn't make it. A cute orchestral track :)


Tim Beek - 4 August 2020