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New uploads

Here are some new uploads:

Tim Beek - 7 April 2024

Pineapple - Casual tropical music

A new song has been added "Pineapple"
It's a causal song made for a game menu. Starts with a pretty long intro and builds up from there.

Check it out here.

Tim Beek - 29 February 2024

Website fixing


I'm currently fixing the length of the songs.
This means I have to reupload some of my older songs where the length is missing.

This is why my recently songs will show up as "New" 

Tim Beek - 22 February 2024

Quick message

Just to let you guys know what is going on with the website.

There are a few errors in the music player right now and the display of the time of the song.

But we are working on a bigger update also for the layout, so we will include a fixed player in that update.

We still need some time to work out some of the code, so in the meantime sorry for the inconvenience of the music player and have a great day. - Tim

Tim Beek - 7 February 2024

In the ZONE

This is a Retro song with an arcade vibe. It's mostly 8 bit. It does have one modern instrument which is the piano at the start. This song has a drive and it loops.

In the ZONE

Tim Beek - 16 January 2024