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I made a custom track for Netquel.
Netquel is an online multiplayer space combat game, in which you pilot space ships to fight enemy botnets.

You can play it here

If you would like me to create custom music for your project check out my gig on Fiverr.

Tim Beek - 30 November 2023

The Starknight

One of my supporters on Patreon is working on a game and I wanted to give a shoutout!
The Starknight is a 2d turn based jrpg video game currently in development.

You can try the demo here
The kickstarter is here

The trailer:

Tim Beek - 24 November 2023

October 2023 uploads

Hello and welcome to my website.

Here are the new October 2023 songs:
Wizard Death - A magical orchestral journey with mystery and suspense, perfect for an RPG adventure.
Rise of the Superhero - A grand 12-second cinematic intro with heroic orchestration and a climactic horn.
Rhythm Mobile - A blend of lo-fi and hip-hop, offering a mix of melancholy and hope with piano, flutes, and strings.
Nitro Speed - A retro-infused chiptune track that energizes with an upbeat 16-bit racing feel.
Monster Descriptions - An eerie yet captivating composition, combining retro elements with an air of mystery and suspense.
Emerald Grove
- An ambient journey through a mystical, jungle-like soundscape, featuring mallets, synth pads, and exotic flutes.
Britannia Race - A lively polka with snares and horns, evoking a British and whimsical atmosphere.

Tim Beek - 31 October 2023

Blues Fusion

Sometimes I need to make blues songs for a project but with a videogame vibe.
I've made a few versions of this idea.

This is a compact loopable version.

Blues Fusion - Check it out here

Tim Beek - 21 September 2023

Haunted Memories

New track! It's suspenseful. A bit dreamy, but eerie.
It was inspired by a 90s videogame.

Haunted Memories - Check it out Here.
Haunted Memories Loop - There is also a loopable version Here.

Tim Beek - 10 September 2023