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Creative commons music

Posted on 10 June 2024 | by Tim Beek

Happy monday.

I hope everyone likes the new layout.
I am very excited about it.

Before we launched the new layout we tested the site on a local machine.
However, the live version of a website can always have a few bugs.

The creative commons download button is not working at the moment.
If you want to download any of my creative commons music click on the title of the song.
It will take you to the page of that song and the download button at the bottom left will work there.

The register account page has been fixed

Posted on 10 June 2024 | by Tim Beek

Hello there!

We fixed the register account page.

You can now create a new account again.



Posted on 31 May 2024 | by Tim Beek

This is a dreamy fantasy song using orchestral instruments like flute, horns and strings.

I can see this working well in an adventurous part of a game or as a menu theme.

Luxina - Check it out here.

Also, this song loops!
Orchestral tracks are usually pretty tricky to loop. Especially ambient-like tracks.
Why are orchestral and ambient tracks difficult to loop? Because that type of music often has a "tail" at the end. Which could be the strings or pads for example. If you cut this tail off and you loop back it will not sound good. If you add this tail at the start of a track it will sound weird because when you start the start you will hear that "tail" at the start of the track.

Register temporarily not working

Posted on 28 May 2024 | by Tim Beek

Registering is not working at the moment.
It will be fixed with the next update.

Website fixes + new song

Posted on 26 May 2024 | by Tim Beek


Website fixes

We spend some more time doing fixes for the website.


Here are some of the fixes:

  • The music player has been updated. The play buttons were kind of bugged and didn't sync. It should work correctly now and the buttons should sync when you choose a new song.

  • The song lengths are now showing correctly.

  • The blog has been fixed so you can see the old posts again.

  • The footer got updated.

I also created a new filter tag called "Music Pack." I'm working on adding all the songs to this tag to show which music pack they belong to.

We made some changes to the "My Account" section; however, that area is still under construction. I should also point out that "My Account" does not work for anyone who used the Patreon login at this time.

New Song

I uploaded a new song called "Elo"
It's about a pessimistic character. 😅

You can check out Elo here.

Thanks for hanging out. More website fixes and new songs coming soon.