How Copyright Law Applies to This Site and You

Copyright Origin and Rights

Every piece of music on this site is Copyrighted.

Every time a piece of music is recorded, it immediately becomes Copyrighted due to the “Auteurswet” (Translated: Copyright law of the Netherlands).

The Copyright law of the Netherlands grants the copyright holder many exclusive rights, including the right to sell, perform, display, and create new works based on the work.

Once I record a piece of music, I am the only person with those rights.

Giving up Some Rights (Creative Commons)

I choose to give away many of those rights, with some stipulations.
This is covered under the Creative Commons: By Attribution license.

By using this license;

  • I give up the right to collect royalties.
  • I allow public performances.
  • I allow the music to be used in movies and video games, and any other media.
    and many other things.

But there are still rules you need to follow to use the music – they are just different from the standard copyright rules.
Under standard copyright, you can perform any music, but you must pay for it.
Under Creative Commons, you can perform my music, but you must credit me.

You can sell a movie with my music in it, if you credit me.
You can not sell the rights to use my music to someone else.

Another Kind of License (No Attribution)

There is a hole between these licenses; if you wish to use a piece of my music but do not credit me.

This most often happens in short radio and tv productions, but can be in any medium.

I offer a license where you can still use my music with worldwide distribution, not crediting me, and also not paying royalties.

More about this license is available here: