I’m trying to get my groove back and work more on this website. I’ve been more tired then usually because I changed my lifestyle recently. Good thing is, is that I’m starting to feel a lot better! The fact that spring is almost here also helps.

aff1e3f36026a07737b649dc8c2a2d01In other news. I’m going to stream various video games and music creation on twitch. (Really? Feels-Good-Man-Frog-06)
I’m still a streaming noob though.
Follow me here on Twitch.

I’d like to make it a thing but I still have to see if it’s something I would enjoy since I’m quite socially awkward. At the same time, it might help me out becoming more social in a way. Next to that I love playing video games and people would get to know my music.

Here is my next track:

Aiming – Sneaky with a piano sound.

Download it Here.


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