Little Apprentice

New piece! Little Apprentice. A light orchestral piece inspired by wizardry.
I really like little RPG (Role Playing Game) pieces like this.
Dungeon Defenders inspired me lately! Not sure if you hear this in the sound though.
I have liked RPG games pretty much my whole life, that’s why you see quite a lot of pieces here revolving around that. But my goal is to fill this website with all kinds of genres.
I am also implementing a new way of supporting me.
This by releasing uncompressed separate instrument files of songs.
This could come in handy if you want the music to loop seamless in your game. Or to edit the music by removing certain tracks.
Use my music your game, video or any other project under Creative Commons.

Download it here:
Little Apprentice

New! Get the Uncompressed, Individual and loopable tracks of Little Apprentice!

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