Big Update

I have been processing and adding my latest music to the website.
Give them a listen! They are all Royalty Free. Please attribute my name and website if you use anything! Thanks.

7 pieces:

Ancient – Story music, Big sound and a climax. Good for an intro of a video game or for a Video.

Antient Run – Fits with Ancient, Nice for some action ingame or anything that needs that Ancient feel.

Star Seeker – RPG composition.

Desolate – Dark soundscape.

Koh Panyee – Playful ukulele song and using bamboo percussion. About a place in Thailand called Koh Panyee.

Chill – Soft electronic piece.

Think Freely – Piano, Strings and trumpet playing a hopeful piece.

Give me a Mail if you use any of it. You don’t have to.. But I just love to hear about your projects.

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