Music and Youtube copyright problems

Youtube is getting a lot more strict on their video’s against people using copyright protected music these days. They may flag your video or stop you from making any money from ads. They may even remove your video. However, there is a way around this, and that’s the use of Royalty Free music. What is Royalty Free music exactly?

For example, you compose music for a commercial. Then as an artist you get a little bit of money (Royalties) for every time the commercial is shown on TV.

So, like the name says, Royalty Free music is free of any payments (Royalties) after you have gained a license to use it. This may give the impression that the music is totally free to use. So you might be confused when you search for Royalty Free Music, you get  a bunch of website’s where you have to pay money to use it.
Royalty Free only means that you do not have to pay royalties after getting a license for it. This is why many companies are pissed about this. They are missing out on a lot of money and there you go. Copyright problems on YouTube. These companies want to protect their work and put into place the old system how it used to be of making money on Royalties.

How my music on my website works for your projects:

This is where a Creative Commons License comes in. This means that you don’t even have to make a One Time Payment for the music to get a license. It’s a free license that only requires you to put the song name and website of that composer in your video description or credits. Don’t confuse this type of music with public domain music!
All music on this website falls under a Creative Commons license. Which makes it totally free to download but with attribution. You can simply search for what ever music you need on this website. Then put it into your project and then give credit to me. This is a way to have awesome music in your projects and not spend any money.Plus, you can even put ads in your video’s and make money like this!  Since i compose all music on for free and without any payments, it’s appreciated if you could make a small donation if you use any music.

Newest song uploaded today:

Download it here!

To use this song put this in your credits:
‘Little things in Life’ by

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