Website Overhaul

I have been giving the website a complete overhaul the last few weeks.
All my music is offered for free.. Yes, for free. It falls under a creative commons license.
Meaning that you can use my music if you put my name and website in your credits. It at least needs to be visible for people to see that I created this music and then be able to find their way to this website.
There are now 4 ways of searching for music:

Keyword Search:
Here you can type in key words. for example: “Magical Piano” or “Water”. You will then get the songs that have the tags or description with the word Water in it.

Each song is categorized into a Genre.

Some songs are clustered together like for example “solo piano” all pieces with only solo piano are listed under that tag. You can few the collections by clicking on “collections” on the right side. There will be more along the way.

Each piece is tagged with feels. You can filter these feels by clicking on a few feels in the list of emotions to the right. for example, “happy” and “bouncy”. This will then show each song with those tags.


Each piece now has a lot more data to it. Things like Beats Per Minute, Feel tags, Collections ect.
Also a download button with instant download has been added. All mp3’s downloaded are in 320 kBit. The mp3’s played in the music web player are in 128 kBit.
I have set up a download system with a overview of the downloads for myself. I can now also see which composition are the most downloaded.

A ISRC list has been added (
This gives a overview of all the music on It also gives me proof that I made that piece. And it’s just a nice overview. For more information about ISRC go to

This system gives me so much more control. I can easily tag or change each song when ever I want and put them under any Genre or bind them to collections. It also gives a way better overview for people to look for music. But i do need to add more music. But that is always the case 😛 I just want to create a easier way for people to look though music.
Things I have in mind to create for the future:
– Minecraft music
– More RPG music (peaceful lakes and castles, swords ect. 😀 )
– More space game music
– Holiday music, like Christmas songs & Halloween.
– Big movie soundtracks
– more electronic music

And a lot more. :)

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