Casual GameMusic Pack




This music pack is an ultimate collection of 45 original gaming audio loops composed and produced by Tim Beek.
It contains a great variety of styles and genres like happy orchestral works, cool beats, catchy melodies and lots more.
All created with casual gaming in mind!


You will recieve all files in a .zip without the watermark after purchase.
(The watermark is the voice saying “” in the samples above)


– 45 original compositions
– A total of 47 minutes of music!
– Seamless Loopable in .WAV (44.1kHz, 16bits) and .OGG
– Size: 700 Mb
– You do not have to credit me
– Commercial license included (PDF File)


You may:
* use any of these audio files in any number of productions (video games, films, videos, etc.)
* chop, splice, compress, or otherwise mess with these files
* sell your productions without paying any additional royalties


You may not:
* resell this music AS music (it must be included as a part of another production)
* transfer this license to anyone else


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