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Mr Snarky Destructoid

Somewhere in the middle of internet-nowhere..
New 8Bit music appeared:

Mr Snarky Destructoid

aaand on youtube:

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Ukulele music: Sun Shine

Got some new Ukulele music. Very simple tune. I want to get more active with the website! I still have a lot of music laying around that I want to upload.

Have a good weekend!! ūüėÄ


Sun Shine

On Youtube:

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New Road

Sometimes you need to start fresh again, on a new road!
This next song is quite laid back and easy going but still has some emotion in it.

Check it out:

New Road

Upcoming song will be upbeat and happy with an ukulele!

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Peaceful & Battle music

2 new pieces! Both very different. Peaceful guitar music and a Battle Theme.
I also added a new music pack.
All battle and combat theme’s can now be found under the Battle tag.

Friday Afternoon – A light hearted acoustic guitar song. Quite peaceful and soothing to the soul. Just another friday afternoon.

Against All Odds – A heavy Battle / Combat theme with emotional parts. Using a full orchestra.

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Merry Cheery

I added a new happy orchestral piece called Merry Cheery.

Listen & Download it here.

I used to have a genre called GameMusic. I removed this because I felt that Video Game music isn’t really a music genre.¬†You can use a musical piece in a videogame¬†but also for example in a youtube video. So even if a piece sounds “video game like”. It can still be used in another project.
So I had to figue out where to put all of this music I had in the video game genre.
I’m also not sure what to do with the “orchestral” and “band”¬†genre. For now it seems alright. It’s tricky to get all these genres right.
What do you think, are the genres alright now?

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Battle and victory theme

It’s been going good but I want to get a lot more active with the site. Have lots of stuff to upload!!

2 new songs:

Tech Battle РBattle music from the future.

Victory of Angels РGlorious victory for those who win in the future.

aaaaaand the video:

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Planet Centauri

planet_centauri 700 x 700 LINE

I have been working on the Soundtrack of Planet Centauri for some time now and finally released the soundtrack!
Planet Centauri is an action-adventure sandbox indie video game.

Find the soundtrack on bandcamp:

Try out the Demo! Click Here.

More info about the game:
Planet Centauri on Steam.
Planet Centauri Website.


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Destiny of A Sorcerer!

I have got¬†something different for you today. I finished a soundtrack for the game “Destiny of A Sorcerer”. 10 songs in total! This isn’t Royalty Free music but you can still get it for a buck to listen to!

Check it out on my bandcamp!

Tim Beek - Destiny of a Sorcerer Soundtrack - cover

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I’m Back

Back from the dead I present to you some new music that you can use in your projects:

Tragic Mistake

And that for no money at all. Just credit me and you are done.

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Soundtrack + Game Music

It’s been some time since I posted music. I have a ton of music still needing to be posted.
I will publish more soon.
So, it’s time for 3 new pieces!

Village – Know what a RPG is? Then you will then understand this piece.
A hero stops by a village.. Everything is peaceful. But with a very subtle hint of danger. (you can hear this somewhere in the middle)

Vanished – Very soundtrack like. Suspense, the high string glues everything together. The backwards piano effects give a feeling of time slowing down.

Ro8bit – 8bit arcade type of song.

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