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Solo piano piece

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Intro and outro for Dungeon Crawl

I did the intro and outro music for Dungeon Crawl. A cool animation with a rpg theme!

Check it on youtube:

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aaaand… I’m Back! + New track

I was quite busy the last few months. I Had to deal with some stuff, trying to get my energy back which is working quite well! This has everything to do with my lifestyle. But I figured out a lot and have some fresh energy to get back into this website!

I’m also very busy with making custom music for people! I really want to stay consistent with this website so I’m back with some music for you guys. It’s been fantastic weather here in the Netherlands during the summer.

Technical stuff:
I have been working on a new template for my music. Like, mega awesome every instrument I have fits into one super template kind of template. This is going to make everything a lot more easy compared to how I was working in the past. Where, instead of using a template, I would go and add every individual instrument when I needed an instrument. Instruments can now be disabled in cubase 8.5 and this means that you can create as many instruments as you want because the disable function will unload the instrument. Every instrument is really to go by clicking the enable button. Why all this effort you might wonder? No ram will be used when all tracks are disabled. So you can just make as many as you want and enable the ones you will use in the current project. This is so awesome because I hate having multiple templates. Sorry but this stuff gets me excited as hell xD

New Laptop?
I also got a new laptop.. It’s so damn fast. I still need to see how it will run with a full song that has many instruments. But it will do just fine by the looks of it. So should I switch fully to my laptop? I’m not sure yet. My desktop has a big screen. But that screen can also be used on my laptop. The only thing my desktop is really good at is running video games. But my laptop can do that also pretty good. I would love to travel and keep making music while on the go. But more on that later. Sometimes I get kind of burned out. I see it as a good thing, that I can keep making music. But my website took a hit because of that.

Sometimes I just want too many things at once. I need to learn to focus more!

This next song is a combination of a chiptune sound and a band formation. Sounds kind of dreamy in the middle. That’s why “Chiptune Dream”.

Chiptune Dreams – Click Here to Download it


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I’m in Space!

New song!

I’m in Space – Light ambient track with a bit of mystery.

Click Here to download it.


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I’m trying to get my groove back and work more on this website. I’ve been more tired then usually because I changed my lifestyle recently. Good thing is, is that I’m starting to feel a lot better! The fact that spring is almost here also helps.

aff1e3f36026a07737b649dc8c2a2d01In other news. I’m going to stream various video games and music creation on twitch. (Really? Feels-Good-Man-Frog-06)
I’m still a streaming noob though.
Follow me here on Twitch.

I’d like to make it a thing but I still have to see if it’s something I would enjoy since I’m quite socially awkward. At the same time, it might help me out becoming more social in a way. Next to that I love playing video games and people would get to know my music.

Here is my next track:

Aiming – Sneaky with a piano sound.

Download it Here.


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No Problem

I took out the acoustic guitar again and came up with this song. enjoy!!

No Problem – Relaxing song with acoustic guitar and piano.

Download it Here.


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Take Cover

Take cover! We are under attack… This track is a mix between action and sneaking around. More sneak tracks are coming up.

Have a great weekend!

“Take Cover” – Download it Here.


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I just felt some inspiration to make this piece. It’s called Inspire.

Download it Here.


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Too Late

Hello there. Yes I have been away for too long. I have been doing some cleansing. Getting myself fresh again for that spring. And for new music of course. Sometimes you need to step away to recharge to get some new energy.

In Other News….. I’ve been doing some Vidya Gamez. Blade & Soul, Don’t starve together, Heroes of the Storm, Terraria… I want to stream on twitch but.. well it’s harder then it looks. To me at least lol.

New Song: Too Late – Driving, but soft!

Download & Listen Here.


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Deck the Halls Jazz


This version of Deck the Halls is in a jazzy style. The melody is public domain so i’m able to use it for my website. I hope to get some more christmas music up on this site because it’s a lot of fun to create these!

Check it out Here.


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